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Peazip Open Source ZIP for Linux and Windows desktops

Looking for a good compression tool with a nice graphical interface for your Linux computer? Don’t look any further than this link: Peazip. It’s free, it’s available for Windows and for Linux desktops, and for both operating systems, it has a fine graphical interface. And best of all: you can customize it to use it in your own language, even  Russian, Chinese and Japanese! A feature list can be found here. Check it out!

Screenshot of Peazip on Ubuntu 9.10

Screenshot of Peazip on Ubuntu 9.10


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ZIP and UNZIP files with Windows or Ubuntu 9.10

Tired of accepting the eternal Winzip license agreement that you have to click on when starting Winzip? Then maybe it’s time to try 7ZIP, an excellent ZIP file packing and unpacking tool, with an outstanding  compression ratio, password protection options and compression format options. For more information on 7ZIP, click here. 7ZIP is available for Windows as well as for Linux. For Windows, download the software from the 7ZIP web site; next, you just install the software the normal way: click the setup file, next, next, etcetera. For Ubuntu 9.10, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but it’s worth the effort, it will just take a couple of minutes more. First, in the Ubuntu 9.10 software center, look up and install 7Zip. With a working internet connection, this will allow you to install a non-graphical, linux terminal-based version of 7Zip in a matter of seconds. Next, to install a graphical interface for 7ZIP (and maybe for earlier versions as well), install the *.deb file from this link (download, and then just double-click it to start the installation).  7Zip should appear in your Applications – Accessories menu.  Check it out!

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