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Tired of Youtube Ads? Minitube!

This article applies to all Ubuntu versions prior to 12.04 LTS

This is just a very short blog entry. I like to listen and watch Youtube, but I don’t like their ads. I also don’t like the way the web page and the videos are more and more filled up with thes ads. Lastly, I do not want to continuously select songs manually. Having the same feeling? Don’t look any further. Install Minitube. The audio and video quality are very high, a playlist is automtically generated from the keywords you entered, and it can play full screen.  For Ubuntu, install the Minitube application from the Ubuntu software Center (64 bit and 32 bit).  For other platforms, just visit the author’s web site. Happy YouTubing!


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Ubuntu Youtube

While it is very easy to play Youtube video’s through Firefox (or any other Open Source browser) on Ubuntu, I am not so fond of the fact that, in the browser, when having listened to a couple of music pieces, Youtube presents me with a list of related video’s: I like to choose myself what I want to see and listen to. Now today I just stumbled upon a very fine possibility of the built-in Ubuntu 9.10 media player, which is Totem Media Player: you can watch and listen to Youtube video’s directly from within the player. Just check out (edit / preferences) that the Youtube plugin is active…and off you go! Have fun!

totem media player playing a youtube video

totem media player playing a youtube video

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