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Scribus: a practical example

Today at work, I had to find a way to create images, in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. These images were composed of variable text and an image: a logo with text, as signature for Outlook e-mails. Each PNG image, to be inserted as signature in each Outlook e-mail user profile, had to be specific, since each signature will bear the personal information of the Outlook user. My first thougt was to use GIMP: a program that is perfect for image manipulation, and the absolute Open Source alternative to Photoshop; I used it a lot for my Ubuntu installation guide. Moreover, it has the ability to create image templates, and to add text to the pictures. However, I soon found that the text, once entered in the text boxes, was automatically converted to image, as soon as I saved the template. Now this is where Scribus really came in handy: I had the ability to create a template composed of a fixed image and variable text. And moreover, I was really impressed by the fact that I was able to save the template to a network location, thus enabling my co-administrators to create as many Outlook signatures for users as they want! And exporting it to PNG…was a snap, you just select the option in the Scribus program, that’s it. How to get this working? Just have a look at this video (in Dutch).


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Open Source Desktop publishing software

This one is a piece of software I am particularly fond of: Scribus.


It’s a free program that allows you to create flyers, posters,calendars, and all kind of creative paperwork. It’s freely available at and tons of templates can be found on
And the good news for Windows users: it’s available as a Windows installable program as well!!

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