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Scribus: a practical example

Today at work, I had to find a way to create images, in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. These images were composed of variable text and an image: a logo with text, as signature for Outlook e-mails. Each PNG image, to be inserted as signature in each Outlook e-mail user profile, had to be specific, since each signature will bear the personal information of the Outlook user. My first thougt was to use GIMP: a program that is perfect for image manipulation, and the absolute Open Source alternative to Photoshop; I used it a lot for my Ubuntu installation guide. Moreover, it has the ability to create image templates, and to add text to the pictures. However, I soon found that the text, once entered in the text boxes, was automatically converted to image, as soon as I saved the template. Now this is where Scribus really came in handy: I had the ability to create a template composed of a fixed image and variable text. And moreover, I was really impressed by the fact that I was able to save the template to a network location, thus enabling my co-administrators to create as many Outlook signatures for users as they want! And exporting it to PNG…was a snap, you just select the option in the Scribus program, that’s it. How to get this working? Just have a look at this video (in Dutch).


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