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MSN with Ubuntu

When discussing the possibilities of an Ubuntu desktop versus Windows, one of the most frequently asked items that people ask me about is: can I use MSN? Well of course you can. You could either just use MSN Online, or better, use the program that comes with Ubuntu during installation: Pidgin. Pidgin is a very fine multi-purpose messaging client with MSN support. However, the possibilities of Pidgin when it comes to things like font setting, or like inserting all types of smileys in a chat session is quite limited. That is why I would stronly recommend to have a look at a Linux MSN program called KMess. It is a very fine MSN-only program, with exactly that kind of features. Moreover, you can add personal emoticons. How to do that? Just watch this video (in Dutch). And as usual: the kmess program is available with a single click: Applications – Add/Remove applications, search for kmess, click on it, and install! Have fun!


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