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Installing Ubuntu software that is not available in the Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu offers a lot of programs through the Ubuntu Software Center. Of course, some software you would like to have on your PC is maybe not available through these channels…you will need to do a true installation, comparable to the setup routine that you would do in Windows. To do so, numerous possibilities exist. The most obvious way to do an installation is to download the installation program, like you would do in Windows. But what’s the next step after that downloading phase? How should you run setup, or anything similar? Many times, you will download a *.deb package. In that case, installing the software is a matter of double-clicking after downloading the package. However, some software packages are not in *.deb format, and require installation through a terminal command.

The PDF presentationĀ ubuntu_extra_software (just click on the link) contains a walk-through with a simple example of installation through the terminal: the installation of Google Earth for Linux. Just have a look at it, and decide for yourself whether that terminal console is really that difficult šŸ˜‰


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