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Beta of Google Chromium OS running in Virtualbox

Just this morning, I started to google for Google Chrome OS; a public beta is available. Google Chrome OS (available somewhere in the second haf of 2010 probably) is a Linux desktop OS, targeted at the Netbook market, just like for instance Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Novell’s Moblin. The major difference between Chrome OS on one side, and the other two is that Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Novell’s Moblin allow you to save your data on your netbook, while in Google Chrome OS, all the applications and the data are present online, not on your netbook (so you don’t have to worry about backups any more 😉 Here is some info for whoever would like to test this beta version of the Google Linux desktop:  a VMWare virtual disk image (containing Google Chromium, that’s not totally Google Chrome yet!) is available for download at Chip download . The download file is about 300 MB, and unzipped it takes about 750 MB. The fact that it is a VMWare disk does not mean that it does not work for Sun’s Virtualbox (a free virtualization solution available for Windows as well as for Linux host systems; install it first before beginning). Then, just create a new machine, and when selecting a hard disk for it, simply point to the unzipped hard disk file. Start the virtual machine in Virtualbox. Starting the virtual machine will only take a couple of seconds. A Linux  login screen will appear – to login, you will need to use your Google account; if you don’t have one, just create a new one, and use that account to get to the Chromium OS desktop. This video shows the procedure firs. To be continued!


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Is a Linux Desktop just for geeks? (2)

Well,  let me just provide you with this link.  The Google Chrome OS proejct is based on Linux. It’s a direct alternative (and targeted as such) to Vista, XP and Windows 7.

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