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What does that folder contain?

Well I guess I’m not the only one that ever asked the question: a while ago, I created a couple of folders on my hard drive for storing some personal data.¬† I created those folders¬† for my files for a certain purpose per folder, but what was that purpose again? Now when using Windows computers, to remember why I created a certain folder, I just add a descriptive readme file inside that folder, explaining the purpose of the folder, and its contents. But is there not a simpler way to do this? Of course there is, you just need the right tools. In Linux, you can just add comments to files and folders, explaining what its purpose is…just have a look at the two screenshots¬† beneath…can it be more self explanatory? In Linux, you just add your personal notes…to the folder itself (or to the file, as a matter of fact).
You could even add an extra icon to the folder, which would add to the understanding of the folder purpose…

My Personal Files-properties

My Personal Files-extra icon


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