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Firefox and Office generated pages: Web Page Fixer +

Firefox is a very fine browser. It’s fast, it’s stable, it just does what it’s intended for: Internet browsing. However sometimes, some Web pages will not be displayed correctly – especially pages that have been generated with Microsoft Office (File – Save as HTML), and that contain e.g. Excel spreadsheet data. For viewing these pages, you need some more Windows components, known as the Office Web Components. When opening a page that was generated with Office, you just get a message: “Missing: Microsoft Office Web Components” … and that’s the end of the story, you won’t get any further. A very fine solution for Firefox, and especially for non-Windows  desktops,  is available here . This Firefox addon will simple detect whether a Web page was created with Office, and then open the missing Office items…in Office (or in OpenOffice of course 😉 ).
Just one small caveat: if you encounter any problems with some Chrome views, just add the following entry in your firefox configuration settings (type about:config in the address bar, and enter the settings like in he screenshot below; the string is: preference extensions.mozillawebpagefixer.allowedChrome, the type is Boolean and the value is True). Check it out!



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a Firefox e-mail icon for Windows and Linux

Today, I had to fix an unstable Windows XP PC of one of my neighbors. No, I did not put Ubuntu on it, that would have been too drastic. Maybe that will happen some time, but that is not the point of this blog entry. The unstable part of the Windows machine was Internet Explorer, which was at version 6.0 for that machine. I decided to go for a dual installation, so my neighbor would have the choice: I installed Internet Explorer 8, as well as Firefox 3.5. As I showed her Internet Explorer 8, my neighbor was not so happy with the interface: It’s quite complex at first sigth. The  Firefox interface, on the other hand, is quite basic, and my neighbor was quite fond of that. However, there is one thing that Firefox misses. It’s a feature that most Ubuntu users do not miss I guess (there’s a quickstart button on the main menu), but that Windows users can really miss, since they’r so used to it: Firefox just misses a simple “start my e-mail” button…Now check out this add-in, it’s there, it’s intended for Firefox, and it works for Windows as well as for Linux: Getmail Plus. It’s available here. For Ubuntu users using Evolution, after installation of the add-in, do the following: start Firefox, click on Extra / Get Mail Options, and type in: /usr/bin/evolution Save it, and you’re done! If after installation, and after restarting Firefox,  the icon is not shown on the main Firefox menu, go to View > Toolbars > Customise; find the Icon, and Drag it to the Toolbar, to the location of your choice, and click OK in the Dialogue Box.


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