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Creating labels with Glabels

I have been having this piece of software for quite some time on my laptop, but just never took the time to explore it a little bit. It’s called gLabels, it’s Open Source, it’s available in the Ubuntu 9.10  Software Center and it’s really worthwile exploring it!

glabels-cd cover in Ubuntu 9.10

glabels-cd cover in Ubuntu 9.10

gLabels is a piece of software that allows you to create almost any label, of any format you want, whether you intend to use it for creating mailing labels, business cards, or fancy CD covers (as shown in the picture). If using it to create a CD cover, just use the right template, add some text (the “T” icon), and add a picture, (the Image icon). It couldn’t be easier. By the way, if you just want to have a simple CD cover with just some color layers and some text, have a look at Brasero’s built-in Cover Editor, it might just suit your needs as well.

If you want to use gLabels for merge purposes, you have several options: you could have your mailing list in Evolution (the default Ubuntu e-mail program), and all the necessary information will be pulled down to your program rightaway.

glabels-merge for labels in Ubuntu 9.10

glabels-merge for labels in Ubuntu 9.10

If you want to test it, with a new file, just click on Object -> Merge properties, and choose Data from default Evolution Address book. Next, define a text field (again, the “T”), put the text field somewhere on your form, and click Inserte Merge field. Remove the word Text before the $.
For merging purposes, you could also use any CSV file (Comma Separated Value) file, created with any Linux database or spreadsheet program, whether Calc (the Openoffice spreadsheet equivalent of Excel) , or whatsoever! Have fun!


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