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Do I need an antivirus when using Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution?

Basically, the answer is no, if you use the excellent (built-in) firewall, which is actvated by default. Linux Desktops are much less vulnerable to viruses than Windows Desktops. However,  it’s a good practice to do an antivirus check once in a while. At least two free possibilities are available: AVG and Clamav.  I have a preference for Clamav; It’s a fine, very fast antivirus, and it’s free. For Ubuntu 9.10, you’ll find it in Synaptic. If, after installing, you have no gui, then you missed one package called clamtk ;just select it in Synaptic, and install it.

Clamav antivirus

Clamav antivirus

And yes , it did find a virus my mailb ox. It was a mail that contained some mass mailing worm (mydoom)  that was supposed to infect the Windows registry, and from there on, spread itself to other computers. Well, it just sat there on  my Ubuntu Linux  computer. My  computer has no Windows registry.  The virus could have been there for ages and ages, and my computer still would not have known what to do with it. I removed it with Clamav, and that was the end of the story. No harm done, not to my computer, not to other computers.


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