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Is a Linux desktop just for geeks?

Well, I do not think so, but that’s obvious. At home, my children have their own PC ’s with Ubuntu Linux, they surf the net with a wireless connection, and they print (still wireless) on through the Linux machine that me and my wife use. What my children are particularly fond of is things like Gcompris and things like Tux Racer, which are available for Ubuntu and other Linux versions as well.  And  my eight-year old son, who is just a bit too young to use a full-flegded Word processor is quite happy with a simple,  very intuitive word processor like Abiword.  If you’re just starting out discovering the possiblities of free non-Windows software, you could even try Edubuntu, a version of Ubuntu especially made for kids. It contains Gcompris as well, and some other stuff mentioned above.


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