MacBook Air remote sessions to Windows and Linux with Thinlinc

15/03/2015 at 4:35 pm 2 reacties

To fully understand this article, please read my previous articles on Thinlinc. Just search this site for keyword Thinlinc.

On March 4 of this year, Thinlinc released a beta version of their Thinlinc Mac OS X client. Thinlinc is the Open Source Thin Client solution in a mixed Linux / Windows world.

Until today, I hadn’t installed or used any Thinlinc client on my MacBook. I occasionally used Thinlinc on my MacBook, using the HTML5 based web client. It was enough for, e.g. reading and answering my e-mail, but not enough for a true desktop experience. Which, at least, should include sound support, and of course excellent video support.

With the new (beta) Thinlinc client for Mac OS X, sound and video support for MacBook Air is just rocking. One of my favorite performance tests for a remote desktop session (Linux Ubuntu as remote host /Thinlinc server) is a video on YouTube: Rammstein, Hier kommt die Sonne. This video  is full of video and sound effects. Performance of this video is excellent with the Thinlinc client for OS X , even over a SOHO WiFi extender (provided that your WAN bandwidth is sufficient)  😉

What struck me most, was the ease of installation of the Thinlinc client on the MacBook. Search Google for Thinlinc nightly builds, and select the Nightly Build Client Bundle. Once downloaded, open the download in Finder, and open the folder client-osx. Double-click on tl-4.3.0post_4693-client-osx.iso.

You will be presented with a window asking you to drag an icon to your starter menu.


Just drag the icon. Start the program. Off you go. Select the appropriate Thinlinc menu options, including sound, and mounting of local storage and printing. (this addition was done later, suggestions by Bas Auer, see comments on this article).

Mounting of local storage will allow you to copy and paste files vice versa from and to your Thinlinc host server and the Macbook. Your Macbook local personal folder will show up in Thinlinc sessions as /home/username/thindrives. All files from your Macbook local personal folder will be available under this virtual folder.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-19 om 19.41.09

And what about printing. Well, there is nothing to add, because it really just works. No printer to add locally on the Macbook. Just connect to Thinlinc and start printing.

Again, and as stated in previous articles: Thinlinc just rocks.


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  • 1. Bas Auer  |  18/03/2015 om 7:32 pm

    Great article, you forget to mention the posibility of the drive & printer sharing.
    I already use the Thinlinc mac client for 7, 8 month now and it rocks.
    But the whole product is great.

  • 2. Jan van de Voort  |  19/03/2015 om 6:27 am

    Hello Bas, you are totally right. I’m so used to it myself that I sometimes forget that these are both great features. I will add a few lines to the article this evening 😉


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