Ubuntu, Remote Desktop and Windows Remote desktop (1)

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thuisopstellingIt’s been a while since I published a blog entry on this WordPress site. No time, other priorities. Things have changed since, and I will be having more time to publish about items that I’ve come to discover or create.

Since my last post (somewhere in late 2012), I always wanted to explain the way I have, since then, organized my own home network around a combination of Ubuntu, Windows (whatsoever version), and VirtualBox. In the next weeks, I will be publishing, in parts, how I proceeded to achieve the following: a central Ubuntu desktop server (so a kind of Linux Terminal server), that would also function as a kind of  Windows Terminal server, in case me or my family members would need to use a Windows application, supposed there was really no alternative. The Ubuntu / Windows terminal server would and should be accessible from any device within my my home network (even from e.g. an iPad).  My ultimate goal was to have this central Ubuntu server auto start up (or resume), at boot time,  a Windows virtual machine (with remote desktop enabled), and to shutdown or hibernate this Windows VM at shutdown time of the Ubuntu terminal server. Also, printing would be done centrally on this server, whether through Ubuntu or thorugh Windows. And finally, of course, backup would be done only on this central machine. Interested? Stay tuned! Oh and by the way: of course, and since I prefere to re-use (legacy) hardware: all at minimum cost.


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