Ubuntu 12.04 x64 and Citrix client 12.1

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Just a couple of days ago, I needed to install some extra software on one of my Ubuntu machines, x64. I needed to have remote Citrix access to a site of one of my customers. Installing a Citrix client is excellently described on the official Ubuntu documentation site, and for anyone who needs to, first of all, go there first, and not first to the Citrix ica client download site. Unfortunately, I did the opposite, and so I went directly to the official Citrix client download site. There, I downloaded the package that was presented to me for my x64 Ubuntu machine (“Receiver for Linux 12.1, Release Date: 4/23/2012, For 64-bit Systems) . According to the Ubuntu documentation, for Ubuntu 12.04, I should just have installed the 12.1 32 bits client.. Anyway, I downloaded the ill-behaving x64 Debian installation file icaclient_12.1.0_amd64.deb and started the installation of the software through the Ubuntu software center.

So I had chosen the wrong one, and indeed, exactly as described on the official Ubuntu documentation site, at the end of the install, i got an “exit 2” error message: the Citrix software was in an in-between state of installation. The Citrix binaries were installed, though, in the appropriate directories, so I thought, what the h….And remote Citrix access was possible, so I left the machine this way. Until this morning, when, through the normal update procedure, my machine started downloading and installing updated packages. Because of the not-so-well installed Citrix package, the update would always come up with warnings, errors, etc. (as described on the Ubuntu documentation site).

Now the Ubuntu documentation site does have a solution for this, but frankly, I find it rather cryptic…:

“This can be fixed by unpacking the deb and editing the regular expression in line 2648 of the postinst script to match x86_64. Then rebuild the deb and it should install without a problem.”

For all those who have exactly this problem, here is a somewhat less cryptic description for this line:

– Just extract the file icaclient_12.1.0_amd64.deb
– a folder icaclient_12.1.0_amd64 will be created
– in this folder, open the DEBIAN folder
– double click the postinst file, and select “display” (so do not choose run in terminal)
– on line 2648, change the line so that the result will be:  echo $Arch|grep “x86_64″ >/dev/null <–so you just have to change the item in between th ” ” quotes
– save the file
– rename your current icaclient_12.1.0_amd64.deb to e.g. icaclient_12.1.0_amd64-old.deb
– open a terminal, and, with the cd command, navigate to one level above the icaclient_12.1.0_amd64 folder <– so with the ls command, you can see this folder
– now type dpkg-deb -b icaclient_12.1.0_amd64/ icaclient_12.1.0_amd64.deb

And here you have your well working Citrix 12.1 x64 deb installation package.

Although the package installed with some warnings about the quality of the package, it installed 100% instead of exiting just before. And of course now, updating Ubuntu through the normal procedure went without a flaw…


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