Upgrading from Ubuntu 11.10 to Ubuntu 12.04

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Just a quick one, because it was incredibly quick to do. Today, I attempted an upgrade of Ubuntu to the newest LTS version, 12.04, on my Toshiba Satellite L670-1DT (64 bit). The installed version was Ubuntu 11.10. As a precaution, I connected my machine to my home network with a normal network cable, instead of working wirelessly. After that, and before starting the upgrade, I made sure that all current packages would be up to date. After that, I started the upgrade. Well, my very big compliments Ubuntu developers and Canonical: the upgrade went totally flawlessly! New packages were downloaded, the upgrade was started. In the Details pane that you can open when doing an upgrade, i just had to answer some basic questions in the beginning (Enter… / OK), and that was it. After the install portion finished, old packages were removed and the system was restarted. About an hour after I had started the upgrade, the job was done.

The only thing that did not work was a java based application. Indeed, the upgrade had changed the default java program to IcedTea. Since I already had a Sun java version on my machine, the only thing I had to so was to remove IcedTea: sudo apt-get purge openjdk-\*. This reverted the Java version back to the previously installed version, No hassle with reinstalling java, nothing! This is the way an online upgrade should be. One more thing however for those who want to do an upgrade instead of an installation of a new version: always have a recent backup of your /home directory, an upgrade is always a bigger risk than  doing a fresh installation.


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