Moving to a new computer (3)

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In the posts “Moving to a new computer” , I describe situations that I encountered, while reconfiguring a brand new Toshiba laptop from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 10.10 x64.

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After having installed Ubuntu 10.10 x64 on my brand new Toshiba Satellite L670-1DT, I was curious to know if everything worked as expected. Well, it surpassed my expectations. It starts up in as little as 20 seconds, so I guess I will never ever use hibernation mode on it. Didn’t test it, won’t test it, 20 seconds is fast enough for booting (and much faster than the preinstalled Windows 7). All hardware, and all peripherals (including the Realtek wireless controller, built-in web cam and microphone) had been detected perfectly. They work without a flaw. A problem that I had with Windows 7 on this machine (wireless hanging after just 5 minutes, no modifications done from factory settings) just does not exist with Ubuntu. Screen resolution is perfect (the screen resolution of 1600×900 covers exactly the physical 17,3′ TFT screen). Also, the Ubuntu Family font make the whole Toshiba-Ubuntu combination an attractive machine.


ubuntu font 10:10

To complete the software that I used on my old machine, I just needed to add Dia, VLC Media Player, Teamviewer, Skype and Gimp (yep, Gimp is not included by default in Ubuntu 10.10), but it’s available and it works just fine). All but Teamviewer was installed through the Ubuntu Software Center. All extra pieces of software work just fine.

Except for the data that I needed to copy from my old laptop, the machine was ready to roll. Well, copying the data was just a matter of copying over all files (no hidden files!!!). It was as easy as installing the SSH package on the old one. This allowed me to open my old machine from within my new machine by selecting Locations -> Connect to server – SSH, and copying all files from the old home directory to the new home directory.  Next, for Firefox, I exported my bookmarks from within Firefox (Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> Import / Export). And finally, passwords that I stored in my old Firefox and that I did not want to reset in my new Firefox were transferred with Firefox Password Exporter. I have been using this machine now with Ubuntu for about two weeks. Never ever needed to use Windows 7 on it, never ever will.


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