Moving to a new computer (1)

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In the posts “Moving to a new computer” , I describe situations that I encountered, while reconfiguring a brand new Toshiba laptop from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 10.10 x64.

The last couple of weeks, I had a problem with a stuck key on my old Dell laptop. It was a physical damage and the laptop was out of warranty. So the problem could only be solved either by using an external USB keyboard, or by acquiring a new machine. Via the company that I work for, I got a very beautiful Toshiba Satellite L670-1DT. It’s a machine with a 500 GB hard drive, two partitions (C and D drive, each about 250 GB), 3 GB of RAM, a Pentium P6100, a big 17,3″ screen, a Realtek Wifi controller and a built-in webcam. It comes preinstalled with Windows 7. My goal was to install a recent 64 bit Ubuntu on this machine. I decided to go for Ubuntu 10.10 x64. Although I do have quite some experience with Suse Linux 64 bit, I never installed its counterpart 64 bit Ubuntu. So, since I did not know yet what to expect, I decided to keep the Windows 7 C partition, but to shrink it to a minimum (25 GB), to remove the D partition, and to install Ubuntu on the remaning 475 GB. This was just a precaution: since installing Ubuntu 10.10 on it, I never ever once touched the Windows 7 installation again.

This next couple of blog entries will deal with the things that I found out during the short usage time of Windows 7 on this machine, about the reconfiguration of the machine to Ubuntu 10.10, and about the data migration process from my old laptop to my new machine.

So let’s start with the beginning in this overview: the short time that I used Windows 7. I used Windows 7 (Home Edition) about 72 hours. Let’s face it: Windows 7 is good looking, it’s attractive. However, I encountered a problem on this (preinstalled!!!) Windows 7 computer that I just do not have with Ubuntu 10.10  on this new machine, since I installed it. After having booted the machine in Windows 7, it would just take a maximum of 5 (five!!!) minutes before my Wifi box at home would just hang, and prohibit any connection to the Internet. My wireless box is nothing special. It’s just a box from Online ( Powering the wireless box off and powering it on again would solve the problem for just five minutes maximum. Thank you mr Gates for a preinstalled Windows 7 OEM. Ubuntu, at least, does not hang your wireless box at all. To be continued.


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