Pimping your Ubuntu machine with gnome color chooser

06/03/2011 at 10:14 am 2 reacties

This article applies to Ubuntu 9.10 (and maybe later versions as well)

Today, I just felt like pimping one of my Ubuntu machines. Spring is in the air today, and I wanted to have all items as green as possible, including the Gnome Applications menu. So I just started googling around. Entering as keyword things like “modify gnome start menu colors” and all that kind of things, I first found nothing more that discussions about editing a config file .gtkrc-2.0. Well it’s not the fact that I do not know how to edit or create a config file, but I thought: wow, here we are again, creating and editing config files: that’s not what most people want. Somewhat later, I found a package called Gnome Color Chooser. It’s installable through Synaptic (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Software Management, or whatever it is called in your native language). In the search field, enter gnome color chooser. Install the package. After installation, goto System -> Preferences -> Gnome Color Chooser. Now you’re ready to pimp your Ubuntu desktop! Have fun!

gnome color chooser

gnome color chooser


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  • 1. PAul  |  06/03/2011 om 3:55 pm

    “wow, here we are again, creating and editing config files: that’s not what most people want.”

    Absolutely right, Linux won’t get much further while people still start their advice with “Open a terminal and type …….”! And when you explain that you are reluctant to start something you haven’t got the knowledge to safely finish, they can be very patronising. People want a usable operating system not to start a technical hobby!

    • 2. Jan van de Voort  |  06/03/2011 om 5:06 pm

      I totally agree with you Paul, and that is exactly why I posted this blog entry. Sometimes Google (or other search engines) lead to forum discussions where the average computer user just does not want to go, exactly for the reason you mention: “Open Terminal and type…”…. Thank you for sharing this idea, Jan


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