Linux Desktop, Ubuntu an Diagramming

04/12/2010 at 1:08 pm 3 reacties

In a previous article, I discussed the possibilities of using a very good alternative to Visio: Dia. However, when it comes to high quality shapes, by default  it’s just not the best product. No problem, since my article explains how to create good quality shapes  yourself. However, if you don’t want to create them yourself, there is this very fine alternative: it’s called yEd Graphics Editor. It can be downloaded from the yEd web site download page. For Ubuntu, use the Linux package. Download the package and make the file executable (right click, permissions). Once you’ve made it executable, do the following:

– open a terminal session
– type in: sudo sulogin, and enter your root password
– with the cd command, navigate to the location where you’ve just downloaded installation file
– in that directory, do the following: ./ (press enter)
– Now a graphical wizard will popup; it will lead you through the installation

Once you’ve done that, you will find the program under Applications -> Other Applications -> yEd Graph Editor

Check it out, it’s really worth a try. Have fun!!

yEd printscreen

yEd printscreen


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  • 1. Francisco Alvarez  |  12/10/2011 om 9:34 am


    Bedankt voor de info voorzien!

    Now in English. I can barely understand Dutch.

    Once I am in the cd directory on which the is the Terminal says: Permission denied. Why?

    Thanks a lot

    • 2. Jan van de Voort  |  12/10/2011 om 11:25 am

      Hello Francisco Alvarez,

      please do the following in terminal
      sudo sulogin <- enter, and enter your root password, it's the same password as for your username
      cd <- to the dirctory where you put the file
      chmod +x <- just start typing yEd and then use TAB key, filename will be autofiled

      Now type ./

      do not forget ./

      A window should appear with the installation program, just follow the prompts!

      Hope this helps, let me know.

      Best regards,


  • […] then you will need to enter just a few commands into the terminal. I found the instructions for installing yEd version and have simply updated them for the current version 3.8. This process works for Ubuntu 11.10, but […]


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