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I am writing this blog entry, sitting at the table of my holiday address in Saint-Nectaire, Auvergne, France. As always, my wireless connection with Ubuntu is working flawlessly.

Many, many times, Google has been my best friend, when looking up information about Linux in general, or Ubuntu in particular. For our holiday, my partner bought a fine Samsung Flash Memory SD camcorder (SMX-F400BP). Plugging it into my Ubuntu laptop to retrieve videos from the device was no problem at all: Just plug it in, and browse to the folder containing the movies. Select all movies, and copy / paste them to the hard disk. Playing them in any player (VLC or Totem Mediaplayer) is no problem at all. However…how to delete movie files from the memory card, once you have copied them from the memory card? Normally, with any USB device, I would simply have selected the files to delete, press delete, and delete the files. However, with this Samsung recorder, I soon found that I was not able to delete the files on the memory card with my Ubuntu file manager –  so the card  would fill up quite quickly. Checking the Ubuntu system logs, I found the message: [sdb] Write Protect is on. The sdb device is my camcorder memory card. So basically, I was unable to remove files from the memory card with Ubuntu.

So what to do? Again, Google is often my best friend…so I googled for the error message, and that took a lot of time. No solution  was satisfactory. As a last resort, I checked the possibilities of the built-in menu of the camcorder itself. And there it was: the option to delete all videos, right in one of the built-in menu options of the camcorder itself. I guess Google sometimes is your best friend…and sometimes, you quite simply still have to read the manual 😉

Oh and by the way, I guess Samsung will have to rewrite the Operating System Prerequisites on the box, since they only mention as compatible PC Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. I guess they will have to add: “or any Linux distribution” 😉


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