WebDAV on Ubuntu

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Just this week, I was asked to install a WebDAV server for a customer. WebDAV is a protocol that allows editing and managing files collaboratively on remote Web servers. Installing a fresh server virtual Xen server (based on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11) with Apache and WebDAV took a couple of hours: after that, I was ready to test access, usage, etcetera…so I needed a WebDAV client. I was working, at that moment, on a Windows XP computer, and googled for WebDAV client, hoping to find a good one for free. Nope, no free client found, nothing, all clients were commercial or near-commercial. So I thought, let’s find one on my Ubuntu laptop.  I switched it on, and started my Locations -> Connect to server, and there it was: a free WebDAV client, built-in in Ubuntu!

So, if you’re looking for the following clients: Public FTP, Windows Shared Folder, SSH, WebDAV HTTP, WebDAV HTTPS…look nu further, in Ubuntu, it’s just part of the best free operating system in the world!

webdav-http client in Ubuntu

webdav-http client in Ubuntu


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  • 1. Martin  |  11/01/2012 om 2:10 pm

    WebDAV is part of Windows also! You have to right click on “Network neighborhood” (Netzwerkumgebung), select “connect network share” (Netzlaufwerk verbinden) and then “connect to another website…” (Verbindung mit anderer Website herstellen…) – and that’s it!


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