Using Linux formatted USB disks in Windows XP

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Slowly but steadily, Linux desktop seem to gain more and more acceptance. For Dutch readers, just have a look at this article in Dutch Computable magazine. Now I am not the person that will ever be saying: Linux Desktops are going to take, or even, should be taking over. Globally speaking, and depending on what sources one uses for the figures, Linux desktops are used by about 1,5% to 2% of all computer users worldwide. There will always be a mix of Windows, Linux and Apple desktops, each with its own features and bugs. In this mixed desktop world, interoperability is of utmost importance: one should be able to use the same files on all three operating systems, and access them equally easily. For Linux desktops, that’s not so much of a problem. Whether saved on Windows FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or Linux EXT2, EXT3, Reiser, or whatever disks, most Linux desktop  distributions will not have any problem reading the files from the disks. But have you ever tried it the other way around? Using files, saved on a Linux formatted disk, on a Windows machine? I had to, last week, and it worked like a charm. For my work, I had to use my Linux EXT2 formatted  500 GB USB disk on a Windows XP machine…now how to do this? I just googled a bit around, and stumbled upon this very fine piece of software: the Ext2 Installable File System for Windows. You can download it through this link. Check it out!


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