Tabbing and browsing your way through Ubuntu applications

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As intuitive as any system may seem, whether it’s Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux Desktop, OpenSuse, or whatever operating system, a lot of computer users often have problems with one basic thing: changing from one application (or window) to another. Back in 1990,  with Windows 3.0, one needed to use the key combination Alt-TAB to switch applications…and yes, it still works! …whether you’re using Ubuntu, Windows, or whatever operating system. For Ubuntu, If you’re not such a keyboard user and more of a mouse user, there are two very fine ways of switching between applications with the mouse.  On an Ubuntu machine with a less performing graphics card (like the Intel 8245G/GE or similar)  that does not support Desktop Effects,  have a look at  the Window Picker Applet. It’s not installed by default, but you can install it easily through System -> Management -> Synaptic. Search for a packet called window-picker-applet, select to install it, and install it. Once you’ve installed the software (that will only take a couple of seconds), add it to your Gnome Panel. And whether you use one, two, or tens of virtual screens, your Window Picker will allow you to easily navigate through all of your screens with just one click!

window-picker for gnome panel

window-picker for gnome panel

If you have an Ubuntu 9.10 machine with a graphics card that does support Desktop Effects, you should really have a look at the Avant Window Navigator. This piece of software is also not installed by default, but it’s available in the Ubuntu Software Center on your Ubuntu 9.10 computer. It’s a Mac OS X  Leopard-like toolbar that sits on the bottom of your desktop. When starting an application, an icon will smoothly appear in the toolbar. When shutting down the application, it will smoothly disappear, and the toolbar will rearrange itself. Have fun!

avant window manager

avant window manager - click to enlarge


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