View hardware in Ubuntu

05/12/2009 at 1:46 pm 2 reacties

Recently added memory? Or an additional hard disk? Of course, you want to know whether they are recognized within Ubuntu. For that purpuse,  just install the sysinfo package. It will show you graphically all the information you need.For Ubuntu 9.10, it’s available with just one click through the Software Center. Within the Software Center, just look for sysinfo, click on the item, click on the right arrow, and click on …and it will be installed.

If you want more detailed information, there’s another very useful piece of software: lshw. This package is installed by default in Ubuntu 9.10, but it’s a command line utility by default. So if you just want to know what’s inside your machine, click on Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal, and type in: sudo lshw>hardware.txt Enter your password. When done, type exit (enter). You just have created a text file hardware.txt in your personal folder, with all the information you need. If you want to view the information graphically, do the following: in Synaptic, look for a package called lshw-gtk. Install it. When done, close Synaptic. Press Alt-F2, and type in: gksu lshw-gtk Press enter.  Enter your password. You should now have a detailed graphical overview of your hardware, like in the screenshot below. Have fun!


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  • 1. Samantha  |  20/02/2010 om 5:48 pm

    Nice blog, i like it, its informative,
    i will visit his blog more often.
    i like your article specially about
    View hardware in Ubuntu


    • 2. Jan van de Voort  |  21/02/2010 om 6:34 pm

      Thank you for visiting Samantha, and thank you for your compliment! Jan van de Voort


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