Two fine ways of using Windows applications on Ubuntu

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Quite frequently, people ask me if they can use Windows applications within Ubuntu. In the past, I experimented a lot with a very fine Linux desktop Windows integration program, WINE (Wine is Not an Emulator). For information about the program, just click here. For Ubuntu, WINE can be installed directly from the Ubuntu Software Center on your PC. Not all Windows programs work well with WINE, so check out on the WINE AppDB whether your favourite application can be run on a Linux desktop through WINE. The software allows you to do a normal windows setup within a Linux desktop. Basically, with Wine, you run your Windows applications directly from the Linux desktop.
If you want or need to run your Windows applications directly from within Windows, just use Sun’s Virtualbox. It’s a free, Open Source Virtualization solution. It allows you to install and use Windows (and other) machines within a Linux machine; it even allows you to store your data on your Linux desktop home drive, and to access them from within the Windows virtual machine! For this functionality, please consult this documentation, and look for the word vboxsrv. Check it out!


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