Ubuntu 9.10 upgrade or installation?

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Out of the four machines that I have at home (one laptop, three desktops), two have received the new Ubuntu version these last days: Ubuntu Desktop Edition 9.10. For both machines, I tried an upgrade first – both were no big succes, I must admit: the systems would start, but would work much too sluggishly. So for both I decided to go for a full reinstallation of Ubuntu, wiping out my hard disk and starting all over again. Of course, before beginning, I backed up my /home/username(s) folders first to an external USB disk. For e-mail, I made a separate backup through Evolution itself:  File / Create Backup Archive. This will create a compressed file – if you put this compressed file on an external hard disk, you have a good backup, and you can restore your total e-mail by starting Evolution again on a fresh machine.

After having tested the backup data (and having made sure that I was able to read the data from the external hard disk), I just started the installation process. The installation went without glitches – after restart, I had a very fast, very good working system. Adding the following packages that I use frequently was a matter of less than an hour with the new Ubuntu software center: ubuntu-restricted-extras, gnucash (an excellent financial accounting program), mail-notification, java Runtime Environment, Java plugin for Firefox. Adding my Canon Pixma MP 210 was no problem at all, the MP220 driver works very well for my MP210 as well. Scanning functionality was a matter of running, from the command line: sane-find-scanner. The scanner was immediately recognized using this command; I tested the scanner through XSane (an excellent scanning program, is just part of the default Ubuntu package…). Restoring the files and the e-mail went without glitches as well…Total working time per machine with a fresh installation: one friday evening (laptop) and one saturday morning (the desktop). I guess that for the next version (10.4) I’ll do the same again: just backup the data, test the backup, and do a full installation…


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