Xara LX: A very useful graphics program

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For graphics, most Linux distributions come with an Image Manipulation program called The Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program). While this program is very useful, I always find it a bit too complex: it has so extremely many options that I often do not know what menu item to choose to obtain the effect I am aiming at. Even drawing, let’s say, a simple star is a thing that must just be possible, but I guess it would take me hours to put all angles of the star at their correct position. Again, there is nothing wrong with the program, but it’s just a bit too complex for day-to-day drawing activities, like, e.g. creating a birhtday card or anything similar. Well, even if maybe it’s not intended for that kind of simple work, Xara Linux Edition can do that kind of jobs. It’s a very powerful image manipulation program, that allows you to do all kind of complex work wth very simple mouse clicks. What makes the program even more attractive is the fact, that there are a lot of of very fine, and easy-to-follow tutorials on their web site. Be careful though when printing, because printing directly from within Xara LX crashes the program. So if you want to print your work, first export it as PNG or PDF, and print it from the Gimp or from the PDF Documentviewer. But apart from that, the program really does its work. For Ubuntu, you will find this program in Synaptic, just type in xaralx in the search box, and you’re off! Be aware: the Linux Edition does not have all of the features of the complete (Windows)  edition, but that does not make is less useful in Linux, for complex as well as for simple drawings. And while you’re at it, have a look at the tutorials on their web site, and also have a look, trough Youtube, at what you can do with the program, and how easily you can do it (just search for xara lx). It’s just amazing!

Xara LX example


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