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Sometimes, I feel that the desktop world and the eternal comparison between proprietary software and Open Source is turning 180 degrees. Let me explain what I mean by this. Many times, when doing a comparison of specific products of both these worlds, the Open Source piece of software will often be seen as the piece that “can also do the job that the proprietary piece of software can do out of the box” . In other words, a group of developers of that Open Source piece of software have to compete against a functionality that already exists in the proprietary world.

Yesterday though,  I felt that things are slightly changing.

During my holiday, I used my Nokia E61 smartphone to make some holiday videos. These videos are, by default, not in MP3 but in MP4 format…a format that I was able to play flawlessly on my Ubuntu laptop. Now I needed to put these MP4 files on a Windows XP computer as well, and, just assuming that Windows Media Player plays any kind of files, tried to open them with Windows Media Player…well, no go. To play that format, you have to install some extra codecs from Microsoft.Or you just install the media player VLC: Video LAN Client…an Open Source piece of software that, imho, is way ahead of any other kind of media players…you just download it, you install the software, and it just works out of the box, and is able to play virtually any kind of media files in any format, from any kind of media source. Again good news here: it’s available for Windows as well!


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